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3 tactics to lower your mortgage credit

The idea of ​​acquiring a home of your own is attractive to many, but when thinking about the high prices of real estate these days and the possibilities of financing them, where the best known is that of mortgage credit, a lot of people get discouraged and prefer to stay in a rented home.

But the truth is that not necessarily this purchase has to get an eye out of the face. If you play your cards well, you can achieve that at the end of everything, the house ends up going cheaper than you thought. These are three tactics that you can apply both when applying for the credit and while paying.

Increase the initial fee

If you grant a good percentage of down payment (more than 20%), the necessary financing is reduced, which will make the credit smaller and also the interest payable.

Reduce credit time: Consider this strategy after evaluating your budget. If you can pay a higher monthly fee, in order to reduce the credit term, you will be saving months and even years of interest.

Acquire housing in plans

It is more common when buying apartments, since it has not yet been built and that is why it is just cheaper. You buy it from the beginning of the project and you can save more than buying the finished property.

One tactic that is not on the list, but that will definitely save you is to compare your options. Do not sell to the first bidder, rather investigate what others offer you, the conditions and simulate the fee you would pay, to see if it suits you. Use Wertosas Loan mortgage loan comparator to get all this information in seconds.

Remember that saving occurs gradually, and in a loan that will accompany you for more than a decade, there is no small amount when it comes to saving.


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