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How to teach your child how to spend money? – Credits

Children and young people are playing an increasingly important role as consumers, as digitalisation has brought a variety of applications and games into the daily lives of children.

With new apps, games and payment methods coming out every week, it’s important for kids and teens to be aware of, for example, app purchases and app practices. Recently there was a case where a child had bought over $ 600 in supplies of Pokemon Go with his mother’s credit card.

Teach the importance of money

Many children and young people may not understand the concept of money and its value. Understanding the importance of money is gradually evolving and children may have quite different conceptions of money, regardless of age.

At the age of 5-7, the child realizes that money is needed to buy toys and goods. However, children do not understand what money is, where it comes from and what it can do. The child thinks that money is an endless source of income that comes out of a mother’s or father’s pocket.

It is a good idea to start teaching the difference between spending money and saving money at a young age. It is important for children to realize that a new phone, for example, costs more than a bag of candy.

A little older child can begin to be taught the value of money by giving them, for example, a bank card, which S-Bank gives to a 7-year-old, for example, and Nordea, for example, does not have a minimum age for Visa Electron.

You can also buy parallel cards on your credit card, which can be a good idea at the latest when your child or youngster starts shopping online or traveling – credit cards are often accompanied by good protection and security in both cases.

Illustrative examples as part of learning

For a child, monetary matters, such as saving and math, often feel like a compulsion to learn on the school bench. For decades, mathematical teaching has been supported by visual and illustrative means to support learning, such as the pearl board.

However, in today’s digital world, the opportunities for learning are much wider than before, as mathematical money can be made more accessible to children through games and technology.

Games involved in the learning process

Games involved in the learning process

We have listed a few games to help kids grasp money or learn the basics of math.

1. The Valley of Money game 

Good Finance Bank has developed a game called as part of the Talent Skill project. The aim of the Talousaito project is to develop the financial skills of children and adolescents.

The Valley of Money game is family-friendly, but it is primarily designed for aged children 5-9. The goal of the game is to teach children to understand:

  • Where the money comes from
  • What is the value of money
  • The principles of earning and saving

In the game, the child has to consider how to spend the money he / she has earned and what it is used for. In addition, the child needs to consider product prices – what is inexpensive and what is expensive?

The Money Valley game is free and can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and can be played on the Money Valley website.

2. Smartkid Maths

The Finnish-language educational game developed by the Finnish SkillPixels is aimed at aged children 4-8. The 100 levels of the game provide educational content for first- and second-graders in Finnish preschool and primary school. Learning motivation is maintained through increasingly challenging tasks.

In the game, the adventurous mouse character challenges his math skills with cats and after defeating them, the game progresses to new challenges. Before the defeat, they return to the classroom to learn more.

The downside of the game is its cost: the app costs $ 3.49 for Windows Phone and $ 4.99 for iOS (iOS also comes with a free trial)

10monkeys Multiplication table

10monkeys Multiplication table

Helsinki mathematical online learning company 10monkey s in 10monkeys multiplication teaches multiplication skills to school-age students with a fun and interactive application. So today’s youth can forget the multiplication tables and learn the multiplication in an interesting way with the game!

In the game, the protagonist of Bon’s 10 monkey friends is in trouble and the aim of the player is to release the trapped monkeys. At the time of release, the multiplication tables are repeated from two to ten and finally the open multiplication table is practiced. In this game, speed is an asset as time runs out if you think too long about the answer.

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